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'Hope, Confidence and Opportunities for Ex-offenders'

CARE Network

CARE Network was formed in 2000 to co-ordinate and to improve the effectiveness of the efforts of the many agencies engaging in rehabilitative works for ex-offenders throughout Singapore. In a relatively short period of 10 years, a hitherto little known cause has grown and matured into an annual national movement that has also managed to become a social model to several countries internationally.

Currently, SCORE is acting as the secretariat of the network.

The CARE Network is the first formal structure that brings together key community and government agencies to promote seamless in-care to aftercare support for ex-offenders. The current network of 8 member agencies aims to engage the community in rehabilitation, coordinate member agencies activities and develop innovative rehabilitative initiatives. The CARE Network is a grouping of public and non-government agencies involved in re-entry management. It is an alliance, pooling resources and coordinating activities, because we recognize that we are far more effective acting together, rather than going it alone.


  • To improve the quality of rehabilitative services through knowledge-sharing
  • To build awareness and understanding of the rehabilitative process amongst the general public
  • To increase efficiency by reducing duplication of work and services between member agencies
  • To create a seamless transfer for offenders from incare to aftercare
  • To mobilise and facilitate the community to take action toward rendering appropriate support services to help ex-offenders and their families reintegrate into the society

Our Partners

CARE Network brings together the major community and government organisations responsible for the rehabilitation of ex-offenders. The CARE Network members are:

Community Partnerships & Aftercare

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