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SCORE catering services provides a wide array of Halal buffet spread suitable for any occasion. We bring you a delectable experience with dishes specially prepared by our inmates.

All food is certified Halal by Muis.

Catering Services

- Delight Tea Break Menu (S$4.80)
- Drop-and-Go Deluxe Tea Break Menu (S$9.50)
- Drop-and-Go Tea Premium Break Menu (S$10.50)

- Classic Buffet Menu (S$9.80)
- Deluxe Buffet Menu (S$11.80)
- Premium Buffet Menu (S$13.80)
- Drop-and-Go Deluxe Mini Buffet Menu (S$12.99)
- Drop-and-Go Premium Mini Buffet Menu (S$14.99)

- Children's Menu

With your support, we aim to provide inmates with marketable skills that will allow them to reintegrate and contribute back to the workforce.

For enquiries on the catering services, please contact us

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