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SCORE has been appointed to co-ordinate the Halfway House Service Model and work towards enhancing the programmes and professionalism of halfway houses under the Prisons Halfway House Scheme.

The Prisons Halfway House Scheme, which started in April 1995, allows amenable offenders of Drug Rehabilitation Centres and Prisons without strong family support to spend their last stage of their detention at the halfway houses. To enhance the provision of transitional care to better meet the needs of offenders, the Halfway House Service Model was launched in October 2010. This new service model provides a framework to enable halfway houses to operate a consistent and dedicated programme based on stipulated service requirements. Structured and professional rehabilitation services would be provided to facilitate offenders’ reintegration into the society. Currently, there are 8 halfway houses participating in Prisons Halfway House Scheme and administering the Service Model.

Malay Halfway Houses

Jamiyah Halfway House (Darul Islah)
352 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118694
Tel: 6776 9101
Fax: 6775 9028
Email: info@jamiyah.org.sg

Pertapis Halfway House
50 Lorong 34 Geylang (no road behind)
Singapore 398239
Tel: 6746 4752
Fax: 6741 5066
Email: enquiry@pertapis.org.sg

Indian Halfway House

HEB-Ashram Halfway House
30 Durban Road
Singapore 759642
Tel: 6753 9730
Fax: 6753 3727
Email: enquiries@ashram.org.sg

Buddhist Halfway House

Green Haven
10 Admiralty Road East
Singapore 759988
Tel: 6565 6880/6489 8161
Fax: 6562 5016
Email: enquiry@greenhaven.org.sg

Christian Halfway Houses

Breakthrough Missions
24 Yew Siang Road
Singapore 117758
Tel: 6479 7756/6479 7734
Fax: 6473 2970
Email: bthru@singnet.com.sg

Teen Challenge
735 Old Chua Chu Kang Road
Singapore 699798
Tel: 6793 8816/6793 7933/6793 8817
Fax: 6793 7457
Email: tcdare@teenchallenge.org.sg

The Helping Hand
819 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534678
Tel: 62832204
Fax: 6283 3748
Email: thehelphand@singnet.com.sg

Female Halfway Houses

The Turning Point
No. 341 Jamaica Road, off Falkland Road
Singapore 757615
Tel: 6257 8364
Fax: 6257 8317
Email: turningp@singnet.com.sg

Community Partnerships & Aftercare

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