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Most offenders have little skills, work experience and have poor work attitude. This hampers their ability to secure, and stay on the job.

To help these offenders re-integrate into the workforce, SCORE adopts a structured approach in preparing them for work. This approach has 3 key thrusts:

    a.     Get offenders "Ready for Work";
    b.     Ensure ‘Work is Ready’ for offenders and;
    c.     Enable offenders to ‘Secure and Sustain’ in employment

Get offenders "Ready for Work"

SCORE equips offenders with relevant training to enhance their employability and facilitate work reintegration. Training courses are offered in 2 broad areas of vocational and employability skills training.

Structured Training Curriculum

To better prepare offenders for work, SCORE embarked on developing a structured training curriculum, integrating it with its work programme. Since most of the offenders had limited work experience, a training curriculum embedded with the work programme will enable the offenders to practice and refine the skills they have acquired through work inside Prisons. The curriculum focused on equipping offenders with generic work skills, trade skills and supervisory skills relevant to work. It also included progressive levels of certification at different stages of work to provide offenders a sense of achievement and promote continuous learning as they gradually build their skills.

Review of Pre-release Framework for Offenders

SCORE, in collaboration with Prisons, developed a pre-release regime for high-risk offenders. As part of this regime, SCORE has enhanced the skills training and employment assistance services to better facilitate offenders’ re-entry into the workforce. The skills training will focus on training offenders in vocational skills relevant to Hospitality, Food & Beverage (F&B), Logistics and Manufacturing Industries. Under employment assistance, industry orientation & assessment and 1-1 job coaching will be provided to ensure better job match for these offenders. Case management support will also be extended to this group to help them stabilise at work after release.

Ensure ‘Work is Ready’ for offenders

With training and relevant work experience in Prisons, offenders ultimately need to be gainfully employed after their release. SCORE’s efforts to enhance inmates’ employability would be futile if employers are not receptive to offering jobs when they are released. As such, SCORE therefore works with employers to ensure there are jobs readily available to offenders when released.

Enable offenders to ‘Secure and Sustain’ in employment

Leaving Prisons with a Job

We believe that securing legitimate employment is the key to offenders’ successful reintegration. We assist offenders to secure jobs by arranging interviews with suitable employers before their release.

Case Management Services to help Offenders Stay on the Job

SCORE initiated Case Management Services in 2006 to help offenders address their work reintegration challenges during the initial 6 months after their release. Case Managers (CMs) serve as a single point of contact and work closely with employers and offenders to resolve their work, financial and other social issues.

Training & Employment Assistance

Training & Employment Assistance

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