Partner Us

Partner Us

Sponsor Training

SCORE is interested in working with individuals/organisations who want to provide or sponsor market-relevant training for offenders.

Individuals/organisations may also contribute towards setting up of training facilities in the Drug Rehabilitation Centres and Prisons. Such contributions will be duly acknowledged.

For queries on sponsoring training for offenders and participating in Train & Place programme, please contact:

Tel: 1800 741 5567 / 6741 5567

Fax: 6546 7425


Partner Us

Private Sector Participation Scheme

SCORE has helped many companies manage their costs and meet their business needs by transforming the inmate population into a dynamic workforce that ensures quality standards and timely delivery.

You will also be making a positive impact in the lives of many inmates as they gain practical work experience, skills and knowledge.

Upon release, the ex-offenders may have the opportunities to join your company to continue their good work and develop further to be productive and contributing citizens.

How You Can Partner Us?

Do contact us today at to find out more!