Programmes & Services

SCORE provides programmes and services geared towards enhancing the employability potential of ex-offenders. Together with the community and other like minded partners, SCORE works towards creating an effective aftercare community that supports ex-offenders’ reintegration. 

To help offenders successfully reintegrate into the workforce, SCORE adopts a seamless approach in preparing offenders for employment.

SCORE's approach covers the following 4 areas:

a. Employer Engagement,

b. Skills Training,

c. Job Coaching and Placement Services, and

d. Job Retention Support

Community Partnerships

SCORE recognises the need to work closely with the community and other like minded partners to achieve the mission to rehabilitate and help reintegrate offenders. SCORE partners the Halfway Houses which play an important role in the reintegration of offenders to the community and SCORE is also the secretariat to the CARE Network.

Work Programme

SCORE works closely with many companies in the private sector to create win-win partnerships. By working with SCORE, companies can enjoy quality assurance while providing offenders with work and training opportunities.