An Offender's Reintegration Journey

Offender's Reintegration

Many offenders may lack job skills and proper work experience as they may not have held full-time jobs in the past. This hampers their ability to secure jobs, and to remain employed.

To help these offenders re-integrate into the workforce, SCORE adopts a structured approach in preparing them for work.

This approach has 3 key thrusts:

a. Provision of Skills Training,

b. Provision of Job Coaching and Placement Services, and

c. Provision of Job Retention Support.

Structured Training Curriculum

To enhance the employability of offenders, SCORE embarked on developing a structured training curriculum, integrating it with its work programme.

A structured training curriculum will enable offenders to practice and refine the skills they have acquired through work inside Prisons. The training offered is aligned with Workforce Singapore’s Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) framework.

Review of Pre-release Framework for Offenders

SCORE, in collaboration with Prisons, developed a pre-release regime for high-risk offenders.

As part of this regime, SCORE has enhanced the skills training and employment assistance services offered to better facilitate offenders’ re-entry into the workforce.

Skills training will focus on equipping offenders with vocational and productivity skills relevant to the Hospitality, Food & Beverage (F&B), Logistics and Manufacturing Industries.